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Film Making

Film Making

Film Making

Film Making Courses in Pune

Filmmaking or Film Producing is a process of film making which involve three steps, Pre Production, Production and Post Production. Affordable Filmmaking Courses in Pune. While watching movies the process may seem very simple but it needs a lot of knowledge as well as training from the expertise of the industry. There are many institutes who provide Film Making Classes. Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television, Pune provides the best filmmaking course in Pune to bring out the filmmaker in our students. The course is divided into various modules to make sure students learn everything in detail. The course is planned in a special way to cover all the basics of filmmaking for the beginners. All the important aspects of Filmmaking i.e., Photography, Cinematography, Direction, Script Writing, Editing, Photoshop, Acting, VFX are taught to our students in the Cinecraft’s Film Making class from the expertise. We make sure that our students get practical exposure along with theoretical classes. 

The first module of this course deals with screenwriting and Photography. The second module is about directing the film, handling the latest cameras and equipment which are needed for filmmaking and cinematography. This course is followed by acting and visual effects to make sure a student understands every role in the filmmaking. At the end of the course, students are given a project. This International standard curriculum is designed by industry professionals to cater to the needs of the current creative and competitive world.

For our long term courses students are involved in projects and advanced film acting exercises before producing their short films. Film project work includes screenwriting, storyboarding and directing. Students get the opportunity to work as a production company with defined roles and responsibilities for ensuring their film’s successful completion. This demanding work prepares students for the real world of film and television. Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television is considered as the best film making institute in Pune who provides the best film making & cinematography course in Pune




Module Includes:

  • Introduction to Films
  • Introduction to Cinema
  • Prospect of a Director
  • Introduction to Film Language, Grammar & Techniques
  • Continuity in Cinema
  • Semiotics & Metaphors in Cinema
  • 7 rules of a Director
  • Cinematography
  • Staging & Blocking
  • Understanding Point Staging
  • Staging of Camera
  • Mis-en-scene
  • Silent Cinema
  • European Cinema
  • Hollywood Cinema
  • History of Indian Cinema
  • Regional Cinema
  • Bollywood Cinema
  • Genre of Cinema
  • The emergency of Media in India
  • Radio & Television
  • Blink Theory
  • Budgeting
  • Pitching
  • Editing
  • Sound
  • Marketing