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It is often said that the secret to great film-making is great editing. Editing is what makes a film move up from good to great. The editor of a film or television show is responsible for imparting the right pitch, rhythm and tempo to the storytelling after the film or television show has been shot. Even a well directed film can come out as a boring affair if it is not creatively edited. Similarly, a moderately directed film can become a big hit due to the creative touch of an editor.

Editing is the heart-beat of a film because it gives the film a suitable pace and rhythm. It is a perfect combination of art and technique. Extremely technical and yet tremendously artistic, a career in film and television editing is monetarily as well as creatively satisfying.

We at CineCraft impart to you balanced theoretical as well as practical film & television editing education under the supervision of working professional editors.

The course focuses on the practical and aesthetics of Film & television editing. The course is designed to teach the art and technique of Film and Video editing using various software’s, so the students can work as Editors in the Film or Television industry.

Final Cut Pro Editing Module:

Duration: 2 Months

Final Cut Pro Editing:  (2 Months)

  • History of World Cinema
  • Understanding and Analyzing Shots
  • Role of the Editor
  • Understanding clips, media files and sequence
  • Understanding Resolution
  • Understanding the project and its properties
  • Importing and exporting
  • Studying the footage
  • Advanced FCP controls
  • The timeline
  • Editing of the footage
  • Using advanced editing tools
  • The art of edit
  • Capturing
  • Composition
  • Transitions
  • Filters
  • Sound effects
  • Audio Editing
  • Basic sound design
  • Colour correction
  • Titles and graphics
  • Basic animation
  • Multiple tracking
    • Editing Promo Video
    • Editing Music Video
    • Editing Film
    • Outputs and formats
    • Motion