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Autodesk Smoke

Autodesk Smoke

Autodesk Smoke

CineCraft provides a complete training of computer Graphics, online editing and compositing.

The two months Autodesk Smoke course is designed for Editors and VFX Artists to upgrade themselves.

The goal of this course is to enable editors and compositors to quickly learn the essential skills needed to use Smoke in the post-production industry as well as understand the concepts that will allow them to expand their skills while using Smoke in their daily work.

Smoke is an online high end creative and finishing tool catering to editing, VFX and color correction for Film and Television.

Autodesk Smoke Module:

Duration: 2 Months

Autodesk Smoke:  (2 Months)

  • Introduction to Smoke
  • Capturing
  • Import Export
  •  Understanding EDL
  • Batch Capture
  • Video Fx
  • Editing & Audio
  • Soft FX
  • Timeline FX
  • Confirming
  • Keying
  • Paint
  • Stabilization & Tracking
  • Color Correction
  • Action Module
  • Batch Module
  • Showreel