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Photography Courses In Pune

Photography Courses In Pune

Photography Courses In Pune

What is Photography?

Photography is a greek root word, originated by word photos which is a genitive of phos. As the meaning goes in-depth, the field does too. That is why one needs to have proper guidance to be a professional photographer. 

Photography Courses In Pune

One might wonder if Photography comes with passion then what is the need for the Photography Course For Beginners. You will get the answer right here in this blog. Photography is a vast field and a photographer must know every bit of it. All the basics, as well as advanced techniques of a camera, should be known by every photographer. The fine line between a photographer and a professional photographer is erased in the photography course. The various types of photography and their techniques will be taught in these photography courses.

Last but not least, these photography courses offer practical exposure along with theoretical training. The most important factor is here, these courses offer a verified certificate. Even if photography runs in your blood having a certificate and proper guidance will always add stars in your career path of photography. 

Types of Photography 

  • Wedding Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Product Photography 
  • Fine-art Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Architectural Photograph
  • Travel Photography
  • Advertising or Lifestyle Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Pet Photography
  • Sport Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Scientific or Speciality Photography


World Photography Day

Photographers are no less than magicians who share their ideas through the photos. These amazing photographers capture the photos and put them worldwide to spread happiness and a message in society. World Photography Day inspires many photographers from around the world to disseminate their idea of a single picture with their single purpose, yet motivating multiple minds to think different.

Every year the world photography day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Not only the photographers but the whole world celebrates the photography day to support the creativity of photographers. World Photography Day is celebrated on the 19th of August with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. This day is more like a festival for all the photographers.


Photography Course in Pune

It is valid when “Why do I need a photography course?” question arises in the mind of a professional photographer. As said earlier a photographer should be aware of the camera details, camera techniques, types of photography, techniques, and rules of photography. All these basic requirements of a professional photographer are provided in the course.

Every photography type has different rules which are taught in these courses. One more advantage of the courses is that you get to use a variety of cameras. At the end of the course, you come out of the academy as a certified and professional photographer.


Professional photography courses in Pune

There is a fine line between basic photographer and a professional photographer. That void is filled by the professional photography courses. 

How to recognize the professional photography course? 

Professionalism is shown in words and actions. When you visit an academy for inquiry the treatment you get from the staff is the first key point you should concentrate on. 

A professional photography academy always works with advance and updated cameras. The staff at such institutes are experienced who make sure students are always on top of their priority. Though it is a photography academy students are still students and examinations are required to taste the knowledge you have gained throughout the course. The professional academies conduct exams at the end of the certificate and provide a certificate to the eligible candidates.


Photography courses fees in Pune

As mentioned above, your passion should not cause a huge hole in your pocket. Pune has multiple numbers of academies. An institute willing to provide the professional photography course will surely provide pocket-friendly fees. The fees might vary depending upon the courses provided in the academy. All the professional and best photography academies such as Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television will provide quality and pocket-friendly courses.


Photography institute in Pune

The cultural city of Maharashtra, Pune has many academies and institutions who offer courses in the field of photography but you should choose one wisely. When photography is your passion you just need an appropriate push and not a hole in your pocket.

Before joining any course make sure the money you are spending is worth the course. Check if the promises made at the beginning are fulfilled or no. The best way to verify the academy is its social media platforms and website. Check for the alumni and the google rating before investing the money. Placements and certificate at the end of the course is a must.

Why Cinecraft Academy for photography?

Photography comes with a lot of technical terms. Only your passion would not be of any help if you dream to be one of the best photographers. Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television provides the best training for aspiring photographers.

Basics of Photography

We concentrate on the basics of photography along with the history and anatomy of the camera. The camera is everything, child, love, best friend, to the photographer. It is essential for a photographer to understand the camera and that is why Cinecraft Academy concentrates on teaching the history, basics, and parts of the camera to the students.

Assignments on Photography

Once the basics are done, practical training begins along with assignments and the theory class for the particular practical. Students are given opportunities to shoot various products under the product photography. A hands-on learning experience for all types of photography is given at the academy.

Career in photography

We aim to build a career and fulfill the dreams of our students. The faculties present in our academy are professionally trained and industry experts. The syllabus is designed in an industry-oriented way which also covers assignments and an exam at the end of the course. Photography and passion of being a photographer do not have any age barrier neither do we. The courses are designed suitably where anyone can apply and follow the passion of photography side by side.

Our Responsibilities 

Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television, the name says it all! After all theoretical and practical exposure in the course, we provide placements for our students irrespective of their interest. 

If you are dreaming to be a photographer, stop dreaming and take actions. It is our dream to complete yours.