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Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Graphic Design Courses In Pune

In this digital world, everyone needs their brand to be creative and displayed everywhere. We all see flyers, posters, and banners who promote a respective brand or product. A person who makes those designs is known as a Graphic Designer and the designs are called Graphic Designs. In technical terms, Graphic Design is a combination of typography, photography, and illustration. Graphic Designs contain images, texts and a lot of creativity along with imagination. By seeing the branding of products through the posters you can imagine the number of necessities and requirement of a Graphic Designer nowadays. 

There are many ways of learning Graphic Designing but the best is to get trained by the top academy in Pune. Graphic Designing consists of many software, creativity, and imagination. Every element in the poster needs a proper designing, alignment. The imagination needs to be put in a proper and professional manner. Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television provides the best graphic design courses in Pune. We concentrate on moulding the creative ideas into innovative and attractive posters. All the updated software are taught at Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television. Our students are given ample time to practice their art. The syllabus and coaching are designed according to the new trends and requirements of the market. Considering all the factors the class timings are very flexible and the weekend batches are available as our students are our priority. As an academy, we provide the placements to our students in various fields. We want our students to get highlighted in the world for their talent and hard work. We aim to brighten our student’s career in all aspects. 



Module Includes:

  • Preferences, project setting
  • Animation with tools like transform, blur etc
  • Dopesheet, Expression
  • Color Correction
  • Primatte and keying, Chroma Remove
  • 3D camera tracking
  • Introduction IBK keying, keylight
  • Camera Projection
  • Grain match
  • Camera Projection
  •  2d tracking and stabilizing
  • Rotopaint node
  •  Cleanup, using  tool
  • Stereoscopy 
  • Compiling passes
  • Showreel