Graphic Design Courses in Pune

Graphic Design Courses in Pune

Which is The Best Graphic Design Courses in Pune

Have you ever noticed the well-constructed websites and web pages of the leading firms? And what about the creative and attractive logos of the various brands? and the same thing you might have noticed about catchy online advertisements. all such online artistic things are created by non-other than a Graphic designe.

A human being is fond of design from his journey of existence. Don't believe it? Then what will you say about the unsolved design patterns which occurred on the ancient caves which are found by archaeologists? Designs are the way of communication, it's a way of touching the emotions of the viewer without any language barrier, without any boundary of the nations. In fact, the design is a universal code of communication.

Today's world has already gone into the grasp of information technology. IT giants ruling the world directly or indirectly. If you want to become a part of this rapidly growing industry then graphic designing will open the door for you.

Every business or campaign needs a perfect and skilled graphic designer if they have to survive in this IT era. Along with the IT industry, an advertisement industry, film industry, digital marketing firms all are waiting for graphic designers. Then what are you waiting for? Don't let an illustrator die within you. Learn the things which will never bore you and grab the job which would be not like a typical job.

Why Cinecraft As Graphic Design Institute in Pune

Our institute was established to fulfill the requirement of the industry. We have a strong alumni network that is serving in various fields. our faculty is an expert on the subjects with having major work experience. We have students from various educational, geographical backgrounds. We are located in the prime area of Pune.

What will you learn at Cinecraft ?
A to Z latest and advanced software of designs with an updated version. You will become a master of photoshop, adobe designing software, Corel draw along with a Sound forge, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Combustion for the Graphic Design projects. Our teaching method is completely career-oriented.

We Provide Best Graphic Design Course

1) 100% placements
2) Latest & modern technologies
3) High-class infrastructure
4) Practical learning
5) Experts to teach
6) Latest trends of the industry
7) Learning through experience
8) Essential workshops
9) Project work
10)Like-minded friend circle

So don't think anymore just visit us once. Be a part of such a vibrant institute and shape your future as you dream of. We nourish your personality to achieve your dream.

Career Opportunities for a Graphic Designer

1) Art director
2) Creative director
3) Drafter ( architecture and engineering )
4) Film and video editor
5) Graphic designer
6) Industrial/product designer
7) Marketing manager
8) Multimedia artist
9) Web designer etc.

Graphic Design Courses Fees in Pune?

This is the common question arises when we talk about this course. So let's discuss this topic. To study graphic design has no limited syllabus. This is a very vast field, includes lots of software to completing different designs. At Cinecraft Academy of Film of Television, we provide the student with all types of Softwares for practice purposes. Our mentors sort out every single software as per the course module. So, the course fee varies as per the module. Here you will get to learn three main courses

1) Long Term Graphics Design Course
2) Short Term Graphics Design Course
3) Advance Diploma in Graphics Design Course

If you don't want to learn with these course types then, you can learn particular software also from our mentor.

Graphic Design Colleges in Pune Or Graphic Design Institute in Pune

It is difficult to choose the best of them. both have their own pros and cons. If you choose college then you have to complete there 2 or 3 years course and then you will get certification with a degree. For a long time, education on a particular topic will help you to learn deep knowledge of every software. Maybe you will get multiple mentors for this course when you join graphic design college. Let's talk about the Institute. Here you have not required to complete your course full time. you can join the course in your day to day life and earn your certification. After completing the course you became a professional graphics designer for job or your own business. In the institute, they can also offer you weekend batches. In short Graphics design institute is far better than investing your whole time in designing college.

Graphic Design Courses Details

  • Introduction to Smoke
  • Capturing
  • Import Export
  •  Understanding EDL
  • Batch Capture
  • Video Fx
  • Editing & Audio
  • Soft FX
  • Timeline FX
  • Confirming
  • Keying
  • Paint
  • Stabilization & Tracking
  • Color Correction
  • Action Module
  • Batch Module
  • Color Theory
  • Understanding Color
  • Primary Color Correction
  • Secondary Color Correction
  • Showreel